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Transformation for Women

Birth Art Cafe Training Hertfordshire 2015-2016

“The Birth Art Café is a really good idea and good luck with it… Creative activities of these kinds will be of special help to any woman who has had a traumatic birth experience or who is anxious about birth” - Sheila Kitzinger


The Birth Art CaféTM is a new concept in enriching the experience of preparing for childbirth and motherhood.  Participants are encouraged to explore the motherhood journey through relaxation and creativity in order to connect with their intuition and inner wisdom.  Participants find it takes them to a completely different level of empowerment and perspective which is only possible when the rational thinking brain is given a back seat.

Who is it for?

For midwives, doulas, antenatal teachers, childbirth educators, antenatal yoga teachers, breastfeeding counsellors, lactation consultants other birth professionals and mothers passionate about making a difference for other women crossing the transition into motherhood.

About the course:

Day 1:  Introduction to the Birth Art CafeTM

For those wanting to know more about the Birth Art CafeTM, Day 1 will give the participants insight into the reasons for using art during pregnancy and mother with babes-in-arms phase and how it can make a difference in the unfoldment of pregnancy and birth, and also the ease of transition into motherhood.

Days 2-4:  Birth Art CafeTM Facilitation Training

We will explore in detail how to set up the Birth Art CaféTM from a practical, inner and personal perspective. The training is very much hands on and experiential giving the participants the tools and confidence necessary to set up and run a Birth Art CaféTM.

For many participants this training is also a personal journey of transformation.

In between each session the participants will be required to run taster Birth Art Cafe sessions to practise their skills the skype supervision session will be to receive feedback and trouble shooting

Home Study:

A key area of the course is home study which consists of:


Kings Langley, Hertsfordshire. 5 minutes from J20 of M25, 30 minutes from Euston + taxi (sometimes a lift can be arranged), 30 minutes approx (depending on traffic) from Heathrow and Luton airports


Thu-Fri 3-4 Dec 10:00-5:30, Kings Langley, Herts

Skype 1.5 hours Date TBC on 12th or 13th or 14th Jan 2016

Thu-Fri 25-26 Feb 2016 10:00-5:30, Kings Langley, Herts

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Cancellation Policy:

A full refund is available up to 6 weeks before the start of the course.  
Until 2 weeks before start date of course, 50% refund is available.  
After that date the course is non-refundable

Birth Art Cafe 3 Day training  

Full price £497

“As we twelve shared and learnt and laboured together, I felt such a sense of ancient wisdom and connection flowing between us.  Each tear & giggle brought us closer together and closer to the 'birth'.  I 'birthed' a new me during our meditation, when my heart opened, and I heard and knew that all I had to do was accept myself as perfect for that moment.... The magic rose from within in and shone... I felt honoured and blessed to be part of this training and know that it will impact my clients as strongly as it has done me."