EFT Practitioner Treatments in Pregnancy

EFT (Tapping) treatments & workshops for fears, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, PMS, fertility, pregnancy, birth & PND, Birth Art Cafe training in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, by skype or phone


Radio 2 Presenter & author Janey Lee Grace attended our EFT Level 1 & 2 Workshop. Read about her experiences in her blog...

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Transformation for Women

EFT Consultations/ Treatments

One-to-one EFT Consultations are offered by phone, skype and in person in Kings Langley in Hertfordshire (5 minutes from J20 or M25 or 30 minutes by train from Euston, London + taxi).

FREE 30 minute Discovery Session

In this session, we’ll look closely at what is holding you back from being your best YOU, what you want to achieve, what has stopped you until now from getting the results you want.

!’ll give you suggestions on how I can support you release whatever is holding you back from radiating your brilliance! And, if at that stage we both want to take this forward we'll create a plan to do that.

I have a limited number of these sessions available each week, and they are allocated on a first come, first serve basis, so please email me to request a questionnaire and best dates and times for you so that we can get started straight away.

How long will it take before I see an improvement?

This is most common questions I am  and it really depends on what your issue is and how well you respond to EFT.

In my experience about 95% of clients feel some kind of improvement after 1 session. This may include feeling lighter, happier, calmer, less pain, more free.

What I find is that clients achieve the best results most efficiently when they commit to a programme of weekly sessions over a period of 1 to 3 months and with daily home practise tapping exercises in between sessions. Together we create a plan that is easily manageable with your lifestyle.

Having said that I do get some clients who come once and don’t need to come again :)

Testimonial for Tamara Donn EFT Trainer

Tamara is an intuitive and gentle practitioner. My sessions with her were focused, effective and supportive.

Tamara used variations of EFT to successfully diffuse and eradicate over 25 years of trauma, the sessions did not cause me any negative emotional fall out that prevented me from functioning in my daily life. 

Each session ended with peaceful resolution of the issues tackled that day.

Tamara is unobtrusive in her approach and continually checks that the direction of her EFT therapy is comfortable for her clients.

I found the experience life changing and particularly felt supported as a Woman by an empathetic female Healer. 

It has provided relief and resolution within a very short period of time for me and provided me with the tools to heal and support myself and family.

I would recommend Tamara without reservation.

Sharon Laurent

But will it work for me?

I find around 80% of individuals respond very well indeed to EFT. Around 10-15% respond well once some emotional blocking factors are identified and cleared or neutralised. The remaining 5-10% are complex and may not respond to EFT - other treatments may be more appropriate, however persistence and detective work could get around these hurdles.

Some reasons for EFT not working quickly and effectively are the following: highly supressed memories, numbness and chronic lack of emotional association, and also factors that are present that cause the body's nervous system to go into a "fight / flight / freeze" state. In this last situation, the last thing the body is open for is healing. It just has to protect itself and survive.

Tamara uses EFT to treat many issues including trauma, upset, anxiety, fears and blocks to realising your dreams, she also specialises in the field of motherhood, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, birth trauma, post-natal issues and menstrual problems.