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Transformation for Women

Post Natal Period

The start of new motherhood is a special and fragile time for mother and baby to get to know each other, connect and bond.  Nowadays there is little support for them as extended families often live far away and partners don’t get much time off work.  So instead of focusing on being with the baby while being nurtured and looked after themselves, they are also having to cook, feed and take care of themselves and their homes as well as their babies.  Women are encouraged to get back on their feet as soon as possible and “back to normal”.  Since becoming a mother is such a life changing event, mothers never move “back” to normal but rather “forward” to a new normal - a normal that takes time to happen.  I suggest around 2 years.  When a baby is 6 weeks old, a mother takes him or her to the doctor and has a check up herself.  She is usually told that she is back to normal.  So women expect to carry on like they used to, only with baby-in-tow.  

Post-Natal Blues

This expectation of themselves and of society does not allow space for the woman to integrate the birth of herself as mother.  All confusing or negative feelings are often swept under the carpet and a brave face is put on.  Suppressing negative feelings can be a contributing factor to post-natal blues or even depression, especially if the birth has not unfolded as the woman hoped for giving rise to guilt, anger and grief.  EFT can help a woman acknowledge suppressed feelings and then release them, helping her to find peace within herself and connect with her baby.

Feeding Issues

How a mother feeds her baby is a very emotive subject and every mother wants to do her best for her baby, in her own way.  When a mother chooses to breastfeed, she may come across conflicting advice from family, friends and health professionals.  She may experience pain or cracked nipples as well as other complaints.  EFT can help with both the emotional contributing factors to the physical complaints as well as release confusion, helplessness, fear etc.

Sleeping Issues

Many mothers  are confused about where, when and how often a baby should sleep  as well o do for her baby is and is always offered advice by well meaning relatives and friends.  Mothers often read books with conflicting ideas leaving her truly wondering what the best thing to do is.  As with feeding issues, EFT can help with clarifying her thoughts and empowering her to trust her own feelings.

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